Det er et trist faktum at akkurat som hasjrøykere alltid ender opp på heroin, ender serieskapere før eller siden opp i pornobransjen. Å, joda. Jeg føler dragningen selv, jeg. Det skorter nemlig ikke på de spennende tilbudene, for å si det sånn. Se bare hva slags e-post jeg får (noe sensurert):

Dear Comic Company Development Team:

Please review the talent bio below. I have a rather ‘unique’ background that may be ideal for a comic strip. I am a well known adult film performer with an MBA. I do not smoke, drink, nor do any kind of illicit drugs, and I have absolutely no criminal record, which sets me aside from all other adult film performers. I have a non-threatening, all-American, boy-next-door look which surprises people that someone as ‘wholesome looking’ as me is involved in the adult film industry. I am the only male performer in the business advocating the use of condoms in adult film production, in addition to rai sing the legal age limit to perform in adult film. In essence, I am essentially the ‘ethical porn guy’. Given the competitive nature of the comic business and the constant search for new ideas, this “good guy of porn” character could be in ideal comic strip. I could be the porn superhero (almost like the movie Orgzamo by Trey Parker) where I go around breaking up shady porn shoots, or throwing Chinese star type condoms or dildo weapons at evil porn producers to make the sets healthier. If you think this is a good concept to build a comic strip around, please feel free to contact me directly at 949-xxx-xxxx. I am already well known both in the mainstream and adult industries. You can find more information about me, including a bio, filmography, headshots, and much more at Thank you for your time.

-Dave xxx


-White male, 28 years old, 6'3", 170lbs, blonde/blue, athletic/slim body build
-Adult film producer, director and seasoned performer, gradually moving away from adult talent work.
-Performed in hundreds of adult scenes, primarily in the Los Angeles area.
-Represented by Baron Entertainment, a SAG franchised talent agency in Los Angeles.
-Bachelors degree in Finance from Michigan State University
-Masters degree in Information Management from the Arizona State University College of Business.
-Very outgoing, non-threatening, happy/fun personality with a ton of energy.
-All-American, boy next door look.
-Prior to porn, worked as a Business Analyst for a data warehousing group at a bank in Irvine, CA.
-The only male performer in the adult business that does not engage in anal sex scenes, or any other type of scenes which degrade women (e.g., spitting, simulated choking, hitting, etc.)
-One of only a handful of adult personalities in both the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA)
-Graduated from Detroit Catholic Central High School, an all-boys, religious, college-prep school in the Midwest.
-Used to co-host ‘Real Talk’, a call-in radio program similar to Loveline at KUCI 88.9FM, a local college radio station in Irvine, CA
-Appeared on several mainstream television programs, including Jimmy Kimmel Live (ABC), Weakest Link (NBC), Blind Date (UPN), 5th Wheel, The Game Show Network, and MTV
-Quoted by CNN and the Los Angeles Times on issues related to adult entertainment.
-One of only a handful of adult performers not involved with drugs, tobacco, or alcohol in any capacity.
-Had a circumcision and vasectomy performed at age 21 and 24, respectively (ouch!).
-Homeowner residing in Irvine, CA (Orange County)
-Plan to write a book about what I have learned from my experiences in the adult industry.
-Strong proponent of legislating mandatory condom use in the production, distribution, and retail sales of adult content, raising the legal age limit to perform in adult films from 18 to 21 years, and expanding STD testing and access to secure online test results for adult performers at any given time.
-Currently working as Director of Production for Daydream Production Company, an adult Internet company in Los Angeles with several Internet sites including, a character site designed and created around my personality.
-Realizing the need to ultimately exit the adult industry in the hopes of forming a real, intimate relationship.